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Purple Semi Permanent Hair Dye

Drop It Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Collection: Break boundaries not the bank with the world's first multi-use semi-permanent hair dye dropper.

SHRINE DROP IT is the first semi permanent hair dye which allows customers to achieve a spectrum of enviable results, time and time again. Simply add it into your conditioner and apply to your hair. Use a few drops for a perfect pastel or increase the amount of drops to enhance the purple intensity. Find out more on our DROP IT page.

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Purple Hair Dye DROP IT KitPurple Hair Dye using 6 drops of DROP IT
Save 23%DROP IT Mix & Match 2 for £20DROP IT Mix & Match 2 for £20
DROP IT Mix & Match 2 for £20 Sale price£20.00 Regular price£26.00
shrine_DROP IT_Product_image_lilac_blonde_hairLilac Toner - DROP IT
Save 10%Toner Mix & Match 2 for £18 Toner Mix & Match 2 for £18
Toner Mix & Match 2 for £18 Sale price£18.00 Regular price£20.00
Save 5%Bloom BoxModel with two drops of the Shrine Drop it  Lilac Toner
Bloom Box Sale price£19.00 Regular price£19.98
SHRINE Bleach Proof Towel on ModelSHRINE Bleach Proof Towel on Model
Bleach Proof Towel Sale price£12.99
Hair Bleach - Plex TechnologyHair Bleach - Plex Technology
SHRINE Crocodile Clips
Save 7%SHRINE All In One Accessories BundleAll in One Accessories Bundle
All in One Accessories Bundle Sale price£12.99 Regular price£13.97
Eco Tint BrushEco Tint Brush
Eco Tint Brush Sale price£3.99
SHRINE Eco Hair Brush in HandSHRINE Eco Hair Brush
Eco Hair Brush Sale price£7.99