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Born out of festival culture in 2016, by our number 1 icon Jenna Meek – a product developer and body painter looking to reach new highs. Jenna wanted to create festival looks like no other. Her passion and flare catapulted the brand to becoming one of the most disruptive and influential cosmetic brands around.
We launched with our own ranges of face jewels and glitter ranges; our product ranges now span across fashion, beauty and accessories which are distributed worldwide – disrupting the scene in equal measure.
We are socially driven; creating conversation and controversy with our stand out looks is what has taken us from a small festival tent in Wales to working with leading brands and retailers worldwide, such as Topshop, Coca Cola, Spotify, Google, Asos and Bloomingdales.
Our global network of influencers and social followers plus our team of beauty artist based in Ibiza, LA, NYC, Vegas and the UK – keep the party alive and make sure we are always ready to go!
In 2019 we drop THE GYPSY and don’t look back as we reach new heights, crash new parties and invite everyone to join our mission for creating looks that disrupt. Empowering women across the globe and motivating them to free their spirit through our unique product and original content.