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How to find the perfect hair shade for your skin tone

How To Find The Perfect Hair Shade For Your Skin Tone

Trying to figure out the perfect hair colour for your skin tone is one of those things that everyone dreads. Man or woman it’s never easy. Make the wrong decision and your stuck with a hair style you’re not feeling! 

So to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of hair colours that work best with certain skin tones to make finding your next shade easier than ever!! 

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The Fair Skin Tone

The easiest way to find out whether your fair skinned or not.. do you tan? If not then you probably have fair skin. Most people with fair skin have cool/warm and pink undertones to their skin.  If you have fair skin with cool undertones, your ivory skin will look best with shades like platinum blond, to really compliment your complexion. Whereas if you have warm undertones, colours such as strawberry blond will look great on you. ❤️

Platinum Blonde Hair - Ivory Skin Tone


Dark Hair - Fair Skin


 Hair colours that work well for fair skin tones:

Blue violet-red bases

Jewel tones

Dark brown

Solid Black

Platinum Blonde

Butterscotch shades

Strawberry Blonde


Hair colours that don’t work well for fair skin:

Golden blonde

Copper red


The Medium Skin Tone 

If you have medium skin, your skin might still be slightly fair, but with more pink/yellow undertones such as Blake Lively. Her complexion alongside yours is the most versatile when it comes to picking a new hair colour.

Warm skin tone - Golden Tones



Hair colours that work well for Medium skin tones:

Light blond

Icy blond

Ashy blond

Ash brown

Walnut brown

Tawny blond

Golden caramel



Cool brown shades (to further brighten up your natural complexion)

The Olive Skin Tone

When you have olive-based skin you can either appear naturally tanned or pale but with warm olive undertones. You should tan very easily, leaving a glowy effect to your skin. You can create depth by adding blond or golden highlights to frame the face and enhance the natural warm undertones of your complexion.

Olive Skin Tone - Honey Blonde Hair


Olive Skin - Ebony Brown Hair


Hair colours that work well for olive skin tones:

Rich auburn

Copper tones

Caramel tones

Milk chocolate

Chocolate brown

Golden brown

Warm blonde

Honey Blonde

Golden Blonde

Ebony Brown


Colours that don’t work easily:

Platinum blonde

Ash brown

The Dark Skin Tone

When you have darker skin, you tend to have more warmth naturally in your skin tone giving you more options than you may think you have.  With this skin tone it is important to choose colours that create a deep contrast between the skin’s complexion and the hair. Adding a warm or sandy palette, whether that’s a lot darker or lighter than your skin tone, creates even more dimension to frame the face. You want to bring out the natural tones present in your skin such as apricot tones.

Dark Skin - Blond and Caramel Hair


Dark skin - toffee highlights


Hair colours that work well for dark skin tones:

Rich colours such as golden blond

Caramel brown

Champagne blonde


Honey shades

Platinum blonde


We hope this helped you to figure out what hair colour is the perfect one for your skin tone. BUT if instead of taking the plunge right away, you can always try out semi-permanent hair dye DROP IT featuring all the colours of the rainbow before making a permanent decision. 🌈🌈