Top 10 Halloween Looks 2019

We know there’s tons of different personalities in our #SHRINESQUAD and of course we love you all. Today we’re giving you a run down of our Top 10 Halloween Looks for this year, giving you all the beauty and costume inspo before the big Halloween Weekend. Whether you’re throwing your own House Party or headin’ to a killer event, we’ve got you covered in one of our original SHRINE looks this spooky season - making you look 



At the top of the charts we have Ice Queen, an OG member of SHRINE royalty. The ultimate Halloween look to reign any party. Use our new Ice Queen Face Jewel, Crystal Body Jewel, Silver Chunky Glitter and Metallic Silver Glitter Lid to start the coronation.  


Now, if you’re less icy, the Snow Queen look is your next best persona. With the Snow Queen Face Jewel and Snow Queen Body Jewels to transform yourself into the ruler of Halloween 2019. Follow our tutorial for a step by step, to learn how our SHRINE Artists do it.


Over our years here at SHRINE, the Glitter Unicorn has been a clear favourite. This year we bring you the Purple Glitter Unicorn, using our new Amethyst Face Jewel, Crystal Body Jewel and Chameleon Purple Pigment, transform yourself into a mythical creature and join the Daughters of Satan.


Are you the Fallen Angel or Devil of Halloween? At SHRINE we cater for both creatures on your shoulders. Our Red Diamond Face Jewels make it easy to transform your outfit from heaven to hell and by adding our Red Hair Extensions and Red Hair Root Jewels your horns won’t be lonely this hallows eve. 


Another original favourite, our Glitter Sugar Skull Makeup look has transformed over the years.  Make it 2019 or throw it right back the choice is yours. Get the look with our Skull Full Face Jewel and Mehron Face & Body Painting Palette or go full glam with our Pink Neon and Black Pigment


Next, we’re bringing you the Fallen Angel. The Devil’s ‘’good-hearted bestie’’. Create the Fallen Angel with the Black Diamond Face Jewel, not forgetting the Black Angel Wings. P.S: Keep an eye out for a drop in the next few weeks - it may elevate your look to the heavens. 


We did say we cater for all - this year SHRINE brings you transfer tattoos to GOTH up your look. If you’re never seen wearing colour, this is the look for you. Grab the full look with our Gothic Halloween Bundle then, using our Skull Transfer Tattoos and Halloween Tattoos add some edge to your costume.  


Here’s one for the alternative of us, they stray from the norms and opt for something more experimental and mysterious. Why not let the magic loose with the Gold Eclipse Glitter and Black Diamond Festival Glitter. Not forgetting the Fortune Teller Face Jewels. 


Feeling extra AF? Our pink bunny look will be ideal this Halloween. Whether you’re the Queen Bee (or bunny in this case) or just love creating a different persona - this costume is for you. Using the Pink Haze Face Jewel and Chameleon Pink Pigment, SHRINE gives you the equip to create a makeup look to die for. 


Last but not least, we present the Killer Clown. Stealing the show at house parties on hallows eve. Using our Clown Face Glitter Sticker, Mehron Face & Body Painting Palette and Clown All in One Chest Glitter Sticker, you’ll have the kit to create whichever style look you fancy.

 Now you’ve got all your ideas, it’s crunch time! Decide which misfit you’re going as this Halloween - you’ll all look Hotter Than Hell! Don’t forget to tag us in your creations and use the hashtag #SHRINEHALLOWEEN2019 for the chance to be featured on our socials.