How to create our Halloween Devil Makeup Look

We know you’re all primed and ready for Halloween, but you’ve been waiting for SHRINE to drop the Halloween looks of the year. 

HOTTER THAN HELL has arrived - and this time we’re going to create, the OG, Red Devil Makeup Look. Are you ready to get glit? 

How To Create

Step 1: Take SHRINE’s ‘Mehron Face and Body Painting Palette’ and using a little water and a small brush, paint yourself a killer red lip to kick the look off.

Step 2: Using the ‘SHRINE Red Diamond Face Jewels’, apply these above the eyebrow and on your under eye for the base to your look - just apply as displayed on the packaging! 

Step 3: Next up, use our ‘SHRINE Iridescent Red Pigment’ and dust this around the edge of the jewel, to add drama and extra colour.Step 4: Time to apply some tats! Apply our ‘SHRINE Skin Rip Tattoos’ to your chest - on one side, placing up to your collarbone. 

Step 5: Get drippy with some fake blood - using a brush, carefully apply our ‘SHRINE Fake Blood’ and allow it to drip from the tattoos to create a realistic affect.

Step 6: Come back to your ‘Mehron Face and Body Painting Palette’ and create lines and crosses round the jewel using a small brush. Get creative - we love to see how you interpret our looks! 

Step 7: Now, take our ‘SHRINE Peel Off Glitter Glue’ and apply under the eyes, top with the ‘SHRINE Red Diamond Glitter’ to take this devil to the next level. 

Step 8: Using ‘SHRINE Fake Blood’, again, apply to the edges of the face jewel and paint/drip down onto the cheeks. 

Step 9: Take ‘SHRINE’s Red Hair Root Jewel’ and apply to the centre of the hair along the root and middle of forehead. 

Step 10: Add the ‘SHRINE Red Glitter Tears’ to the edges of the tattoos for more drippin’ blood effect, then use our ‘Mehron Face and Body Palette’ and ‘SHRINE Red Diamond Glitter’ to create lines down the neck, joining with the tattoos.  


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Still need a helping hand? Head to ourHalloween Tutorials find our Red Devil Tutorial Video to see it for yourself - learn all the tips and tricks from SHRINE artists themselves.  This Halloween, steal the show by channelling our killer attitude, reckless style and devil makeup, we know this is what you’ve been waiting for. 

HOLD UP - Don’t forget to tag us in your creations on Instagram and Twitter and hashtag #SHRINEHALLOWEEN2019 for the chance to be reposted. 

 Have a Halloween to die for!